Building Excitement 2011

14 Fabulous Projects That Embody the Innovation and Creativity of Today’s Casino Designers

The economic excuse no longer holds water. While the prosperity of the early 2000s has not returned in the U.S. or Europe—and it may never—it’s boom time in Asia. One by one, casino resorts in Macau outdo the previous new kid on the block. While Singapore is complete for the time being, resorts are rising in the Philippines, Vietnam and

In established casinos, the need to stay fresh has replaced the need to expand for the most part, and creative ways to use existing spaces continue to amaze. Whether it’s an Indian gaming hall, a riverboat or a legacy Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino, renovation and renewal is the name of the game.

So in the following pages is some of the best work from some of the best designers, builders and architects that we found in the last year. Remember, everything old can be new again.