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Elevating Design

By Casino Design Staff   Tue, Nov 24, 2022

Hnedak Bobo Group


Hnedak Bobo Group takes design to the next level, because great design elevates clients’ business success. Working for a five-time G2E Casino Design Award winner and one of only a few architecture firms working in gaming and hospitality design today that owns, operates and develops its own four-star hotel, HBG designers have a distinct edge in understanding what it takes to operate and differentiate in a competitive market.
By approaching design from the perspective of both guest and owner/operator, HBG makes design work for its gaming clients.
HBG is constantly rethinking the guest experience, because market demographics are evolving. The firm capitalizes on new opportunities for innovation in casino resort design through more diverse amenities, integration of technology and design aesthetics often grounded in the authenticity of cultural and local context as the catalyst for discovery and experience.
HBG designers translate market influences into inspired, memorable design that, combined with carefully crafted details, built-in efficiencies and well-planned execution, generates the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. The result is elevated design that fully engages guests in the gaming experience and performs for clients.   
In creating smart hotel designs for the entertainment and leisure markets, HBG’s work has taken it across the country and around the world, with current engagements in Dubai and Southeast Asia for several international theme park resort developments. HBG is developing design strategies that seamlessly integrate hospitality and related amenities into the entertainment experience.
Visit to see how HBG is elevating design for its clients. Projects currently include the contemporary tribal hotel design for the Point Casino in Kingston, Washington; the West Valley Resort in Maricopa County, Arizona; multiple branded projects for Ho-Chunk Gaming in Wisconsin; and the expansion of Buffalo Creek Casino in Buffalo, New York, which will add more gaming space, new retail and F&B amenities and a new performance area to the Seneca Nation’s casino property, also designed by HBG.
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By Casino Design Staff

Casino Design Staff

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