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The Art of Casino Chair Design

By Casino Design Staff   Tue, Nov 24, 2022

Patir Casino Seating


Patir Casino Seating is an internationally renowned seating specialist that has been active in the gaming market for 25 years, delivering premium seating solutions for gaming and hospitality areas. Founded in Munich, Germany, in 1991, Patir has influenced the casino seating industry with its original innovations and capabilities.
The secret of the company’s success always has been a proprietary design of exceptional quality while maintaining high standards in both comfort and ergonomics.

Exceptional craftsmanship
Patir's philosophy always has been focused on ultimate chair quality. Player seating is subject to wear and tear, and therefore must be manufactured according to the highest quality standards; the fabrics used must be exceptionally robust. Patir chairs are built to last, and are quality-approved by the highest German testing institute, the TUV Rheinland.

Design and comfort
The Patir credo also encompasses creating original chair designs. The company strives to highlight its innovative style and design, and as a result has earned an excellent reputation as an industry trend-setter for casino seating. Patir also understands that casino guests and operators expect comfortable chairs. After all, comfort has a direct influence on a player’s length of stay at a gaming machine.

Custom-made products
With in-house production, Patir is able to manufacture individual seating solutions that are custom-tailored to clients’ needs. The company can satisfy all customer requests in terms of design and technical features.

It is not uncommon for gaming machines to be in constant use. Casino operators appreciate the availability of a full inventory of spare parts and the simplicity in replacing them. Patir’s Easy Change System, coupled with extraordinarily fast delivery times, assures every part of any Patir chair can be replaced quickly in just a few simple steps.

Patir is the supplier for many major players in the international casino and entertainment industry. Although Patir’s permanent technical and design innovations have revolutionized the seating habits in casinos worldwide, the company does not rest on its laurels. Instead, it continually pushes product development and optimization through initiatives and consultation with major industry players.

Full-service branch in Las Vegas
Patir now has a U.S. base of operations in Las Vegas, offering full-service capabilities to ensure customers receive exceptional pre-sale and post-sale support.
For more information, contact Patir at 209-915-9032, [email protected] or visit

By Casino Design Staff

Casino Design Staff

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