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By Casino Design Staff   Tue, Nov 18, 2021

Cleo Design


Welcome to the world of Cleo—unique and highly functional hospitality design.
Rather than simply reading how great the firm is, Cleo suggests that viewing the collection of images that represent the company’s work is more descriptive than any clever words. Please look them over at
However, if the written word is preferred, read on. Cleo’s strength is in the world of hospitality, producing welcoming and comfortable guest rooms and public spaces to involve and entertain guests—including fabulous bars, provocative lounges, inviting restaurants, cool spas and elaborate theater spaces. Cleo’s casino spaces are designed with the unique technical requirements of gaming environments. But the firm’s success lies in the ability to create an intriguing visual world, no matter the scale, that guarantees increased revenue and return visits.
Coast to coast, continent to continent, Cleo has instituted its vision across the U.S., Australia, China and India. In the U.S., current projects are ongoing in California, Florida, Kansas, Maryland and in Cleo’s own hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Founders and designers Ann Fleming and Ken Kulas both were raised in Las Vegas and still live there. Where else could they begin to learn to create spectacular interior designs than in a Las Vegas grammar school?
Even with that beginning, Fleming and Kulas could not do it without the ton—literally more than 2,000 pounds—of staff who make Cleo strong and beautiful. Each individual brings specific passions and skills to the engine room, eager to see what is on, and over, the horizon.
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By Casino Design Staff

Casino Design Staff

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