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By Casino Style Staff   Sat, Sep 24, 2023

Thalden Boyd Emery


Your casino’s sensational. Your hotel rooms are out of this world. But for positive buzz, repeat business and diehard customer loyalty, you’d better have a great bar.

When the San Manuel Indians undertook a $50 million renovation of their San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino near San Bernardino, California, the bar underwent a total makeover, expanding occupancy, gaming and entertainment and transforming it into a dramatic centerpiece visible throughout the casino floor.

With 20 table-top video poker terminals, three blackjack tables and seating for 70, the memorably named Bar Bar Bar designed by Thalden Boyd Emery Architects extends and enlivens the casino floor, giving guests a place to relax, play, sample artisan cocktails and craft beers and observe all the action.

The bar features a dazzling light show in which layered, internally lit leaves create a glowing overhead canopy. Color-shifting special effects can be modified for holidays and other special occasions. Bar Bar Bar gets high marks for its vibrant design, friendly vibe and can’t-miss location.

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By Casino Style Staff

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